Scrub-Wow With Sponge

The name says it all, Scrub-Wow-We mean it! Our Scrub-Wow sponge has the cleaning power of our Scrub-Wow original with added sponge inside. For everything that needs cleaning just use Scrub-Wow, from the refrigerator to the counter top dishes the stove pots and pans and so much more. Safe to use in the kitchen-Perfect for all cleaning needs including Stainless steel, Teflon cookware, Glass-cook-Stove-Tops, Granite, Marble, Tiles, Refrigerators. All-Purpose Scrub sponge for the Bathroom-Works as hard as you do! Get rid of stubborn spots, clean hard water deposits, bathroom acrilic surfaces, marble surfaces, glass shower doors, chrome laminate, and hardwood floors! Perfect for the outdoors-Designed for cleaning outdoor items including vinyl siding, pool liners, boats, RVs, car rims, BBQs, tools, even bugs from your cars windshield. All you need is Liquid soap and warm water! Long-lasting easy to clean!!! Simply place it on the top rack of your dishwasher to wash! Design in Canada, and made in Europe.