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World’s best kitchen scrubby, cleans fast & easy!

It will not scratch!!
Safe For & Cleans!!
Ceramic & glass cook stove-tops-Teflon pots & pans, Stainless-Steel Cookware, Counter-Tops, Tiles, grout, Granite, kitchen appliances.
Cleans root vegetables, Potatoes, Carrots, etc.
Safe for the bathroom!
Acrylic surfaces, Glass Shower Doors, hard water deposits & stains!
Laminate Vinyl & Hardwood Flooring!
Outdoor Furniture, Boats, RVs, Car rims, Pool-liners, BBQ,
golf clubs, etc.
For everything that need’s cleaning!
This scrubby does it all!!
The benefits!
Long lasting, over 4 months! Environmentally friendly!
Replaces over 20 of the synthetic cleaning sponges!
No harmful bacterial it dries fast!
To clean just placed it on the top rack of your dishwasher.
How to use!
Just Add liquid soap and warm water!
Disclaimer: Don’t use any abrasive cleaners (they contain silica) that will scratch.
Not suitable for painted varnished, or new car surfaces.
(For sensitive or polished surfaces) please test in a hidden area first.

Design in Canada & made in Europe!

Euroscrubby with a sponge inside!!

Our Euroscrubby sponge comes in an assortment of colors!

Safe for and Cleans, Stainless steel, Teflon-Pots & Pans, Glass Cook-stove tops, Granite, Marble, Tiles, Acrylic surfaces, lather, athletic shoes, windows, car interiors, etc.

In the Bathroom, glass shower doors, tiles, chrome, faucets, porcelain, hard water deposits, grout.

Hardwood, vinyl, & laminate flooring, etc!

Just use Liquid soap and warm water!

Long-lasting easy to clean!

To clean just places it on the top rack of your dishwasher!

Design in Canada and made in Europe.

Scrub & Wipe!! Two in one!

The cleaning power of Euroscrubby original on one side, with a soft and absorbent microfiber cloth on the other.

Safe for and cleans all Surfaces!

Excellent for and cleans! Hard to get scroungy mesh everywhere, Refrigerator, Microwaves, Teflon-Cookware, Porcelain, glass Cook-Stove-Tops Counter-Tops, Stainless Steel Appliances, Hardwood & Laminate Flooring, etc,

Scrub with one side, wipe and polish with the other!
Use the soft microfiber side to clean all your delicate items, like Porcelain, Dinner-wares, Crystal, Glass-Shower doors, smooth Stainless Steel Appliance, Mirrors, etc.

The Euroscrubby Scrub & wipe make cleaning fast & easy!

Long-lasting, easy to clean.
To wash, just place it on the top rack of your dishwasher!

Design in Canada and made in Europe.
Patent pending.

Euroscrubby Original XL!!

Our Euroscrubby original in a larger size for that big cleaning job!
Safe for and Cleans, Tiles, porcelain, Glass, Hardwood & Laminate Flooring, Pool-liners, Boats, RVs, Cars, Truck-liners, Rims, Commercial kitchens equipment, etc.

Can be attached on a Swiffer or similar cleaning tool for the hard to reach places, large windows, vinyl-siding
motor-bikes, recreational vehicles, etc!

Just use Liquid soap and warm water!
Long-lasting, Environmentally friendly!!

Easy to clean.
just places it on the top rack of your dishwasher.

The Scrub & clean tool, by Euroscrubby!!

Clean up any dirt and wipe any mesh everywhere, with our new scrub & clean, cleaning tool!

We have combined our amassing scrubby with a highly absorbent antibacterial and highly durable microfiber cloth to create the most versatile kitchen cleaning tool ever!

Clean, refrigerators, microwaves, glass cook-stove-tops, spills, and hard to get dirt and grind. Glass shower doors, countertops dishes pot & pans, Teflon cookware, patio furniture, car rims & windshields, boats RVs, etc.

Pick-up spills and any mess!

Environmentally friendly!

Easy to clean, just wash with all your cleaning towels.

Long-lasting, it will not smell!!

Design in Canada & made in Europe.

Patent pending: Size 17 x 25cm


Product display boxes and customer usage info cards are included with any orders of the Scrub-Wow. The capacity is 45 Original Scrub-Wow or 30 Scrub-Wow sponge. Please contact us for additional info or requests. Thank you The Scrub- Wow team!

Euro-cleanser-Cleaning-stone-Cleans & protects!!

A fully biodegradable cleaning and polishing stone that cleans fantastically most surfaces.
Especially, Glass Cook Stove-Tops, Copper & Stainless Cookware!!
This long-lasting non-abrasive wonder works on most smooth metal surfaces, tubs, sinks, cabinets, granite, tiles, marble, stoves, toilets, crystal, painted wood, acrylic, bikes, running shoes, indoor/outdoor equipment, etc.
Glass shower doors Water stains, etc!!
• Non-toxic, acid-free, Clean your Boat-fibreglass-stainless steel railing, chrome, etc.
• Safe for children cleans toys, safe for pets*
• All natural ingredients*
• Gentle on skin: will not dry or damage*
• Allergy and Asthma friendly*
• Phosphor free*
• Made in Europe/EU.

The  Euro-mop, three-in-one cleaning tool!!   

Finally, the most amazing floor cleaning tool is here!!
Say goodbye to the ordinary, Just damp & wipe Mop!
Now you can, clean dust & scrub, all at the same time, with Our New Euro-mop!!

Hardwood-Laminate-Tile-Porcelain-Vinyl Flooring!!
You can also clean fiberglass boats RVs sidings pool liners, etc!!
just add warm soapy water or use your floor sprayer.
Now you can clean them all!!
Damp & Wipe, Scrub & Clean all of your floors surfaces with one effortless motion!! with our new Euro-mop!!
Not Just damp & wipe any More*
Hardwood-Laminate-Tile-Vinyl-Porcelain Flooring, etc*
Clean Scrub & Wipe any stubborn dirt and grime, with our Euro-Mop!
We have combined a thick microfiber mop with a strip of our amazing scrubby technology to create the best floor cleaning tool ever!!
The thick microfiber Flat Mop collects dust and dirt while gliding the floor, while our patented scrubbing strip cleans any stubborn dirt and grime without scratching!!
Easy to care just wash with all your cleaning towels in your washing machine!
Our euro-mop can be attached to any standard floor cleaning sprayer tool/handle!