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Our Euroscrubby original,comes in many random colors and designs. Safe for and Cleans, in the kitchen, stainless steel, Teflon cookware, Glass- cook-Stove-Tops, Granite, Marble, Tiles,Refrigerators, Counter Tops etc!! Root vegetables, Carrots Potatoes etc!! In the bathroom, acrylic, glass-shower doors,hard water deposits, chrome, Hardwood & Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Siding’s, Pool liners, Boats, RVs, Car rims BBQ, etc. Just use Liquid soap and warm Water! Long lasting easy to clean! Environmentally friendly!! Just places it on the top rack of your dishwasher! Design in Canada and made in Europe.


Euroscrubby with sponge inside. The Cleaning power of a Scrub-Wow with a thin sponge on the inside, stays moist. Just add warm water and liquid soap. Excellent for & cleans, in the Kitchen,cookware’s refrigerators, microwaves, counter tops, stainless steel appliance. The bathroom, acrylic surfaces bathtubs, glass shower doors,tiles, granite, hard water stains, laminate flooring and so much more. Flexible easy to clean, faucets, vanity’s,tile grout, glassware’s mirrors.Your car interior, outdoor furniture etc! Design and made in Europe.


Two in one! The cleaning power of the Euroscrubby on one site, soft and absorb-and on the other. Safe for and cleans all Surfaces! Excellent for and cleans,hard to get scungy mesh in the refrigerator and Microwaves, counter tops,Teflon cookware, porcelain, glass stove cook-tops etc. Scrub one site wipe with the other! Use the soft site to clean all your delicate items, like Porcelain, Dinnerware’s Crystal, smooth Stainless Steel Appliance, mirrors etc. Scrub & wipe make cleaning fast & easy! Long lasting, to wash just place it on the top rack of your dishwasher. Design and made in Europe. Patent pending.


The world’s best scrubby ever!

It Cleans just about everything, SAFE FOR & CLEANS, Teflon Pots & Pans-Stainless Cookware, Glass-Cook-Stove Tops, Granite-Tiles Refrigerators- root vegetables, Carrots-Potatoes-ETC! Countertops. In the bathroom safe for & Cleans-Glass-Shower-Doors-hard Water deposits Marble-Acrilyc Surfaces, Chrome-laminate & Hardwood-Flooring! At the out-doors, Patio-Furniture- Pool-Liners, Garden Tools, Boats. Golf clubs It even Cleans bugs from your Car-Windshield. Scrub-Wow Cleans Them All, Try One you’re going to love them. Just use Scrub-Wow liquid soap and Warm Water.


New coming spring 2019 This fantastic little gadget has the absorbing power of one cup of water, and now with a little helping hand of our Scrub-Wow. You can clean just about everything around the house! Safe for and cleans,Refrigerator’s Microwave’s, Floor spills, baby chairs, car spill etc. In the kitchen, glassware’s Porcelain & glass cook-tops, counter tops. The Bathroom, mirrors bath shower-doors faucets etc. Long lasting! Have one for the Kitchen, bathroom, your car etc. Biodegrade & Environmentally friendly. Design and made in Europe. Patent pending.


Product display boxes and customer usage info cards are included with any orders of the Scrub-Wow. The capacity is 45 Original Scrub-Wow or 30 Scrub-Wow sponge. Please contact us for additional info or requests. Thank you The Scrub- Wow team!


Cleans just about everything!!
Especially, Glass Cook Stove-Tops, Counter Tops, Tile, Grout,
Stainless Sinks Copper/Stainless Steel Pots and Pans, Granite, Acrylic, Water Stains, Bathtubs, Glass Shower Doors, Lather, Running Shoes.
Pool Liners, Boats, Car Rims, etc.
Bugs from Your Car Windshield.
One 100% biodegradability, according to European Test 302B!
Natural Cleaning Stone.  Non-Perfume.
Caution: This is a natural abrasive cleaner that can scratch!! Not suitable, for soft varnished/painted coated on sensitive Surfaces.
Please test in a hidden area first!
Made in the European!