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Tips of Cleaning Your Vehicle

Posted by: qdm8em
Category: Vehicle Cleaning

Bug removal from your car windshield!!

Here we are again at the pesky bug season.
Day or night we drive through and get stuck on with those pesky critters, on the windshield, at the mirrors, grill, chrome, wheels and so much more!

Don’t worry Scrub-Wow to the rescue!

Mix together little liquid soap and plenty of warm water take a sponge and soak the surfaces that is covered with those pesky critters, approximately 3-5 minutes*.
Then soak the Scrub-Wow and go over back and forth rinse and repeat often till they all gone.
Rinse with fresh cold water and whola your car is clean till the next drive.
The pleasures of Summer!
Have a safe drive,
Thank you’ll, till the next time.
Please test in a hidden area first, before you use Scrub-Wow on a new car paint or chrome grill

Author: qdm8em